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Sunday, June 13, 2021

O-Cademy OnPassive

O-Cademy | ONPASSIVE's comprehensive platform for unhindered Learning | Products | ONPASSIVE

Utilize a hub of learning resources and improve your skillset with O-Cademy.


"O-Cademy is a unique and incredible platform created by ONPASSIVE, where it connects students all over the World with the best instructors Online. O-Cademy thinks of exceptional features to guarantee one of a kind user experience. 
O-Cademy assists instructors in improving their course searchability in the platform and gets the course recommendations.

It gives an assortment of top-rated business and specialized technical courses to develop in-house expertise and satisfy employees to strive for learning and development. Course Quality Checklist for instructors guarantees that their courses are proficient, attractive, marketable, and capable of providing a supplemental and inventive learning experience to students. O-Cademy's vision is to construct the World's most extensive educational repository by engaging and empowering extraordinary educators to share their insight and make it effectively accessible for learners worldwide".


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